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... E-Commerce & Shopping Carts - Sell online!

E-commerce, shopping carts and online stores... what does it all mean? Well, ecommerce refers to the ability of your customers to browse, select and pay for your products online without any human intervention. The difference between a normal website and a static website is the difference between a brochure or window display and a sales assistant - the first advertises and informs, and the second is able to complete the purchasing transaction and put money in your till!

E-commerce... what does it mean to my business? The opening hours of 9am to 5pm are long gone... and if you only trade during these hours you can be sure that your existing and would-be customers will be giving money hand-over-fist to your competitors in the evenings and on the weekends too! Basically, it means that you are losing business if you do not offer the facility to your customers to shop online. Also, who you competitor is is changing, it's no longer that supplier or shop in the next town, its now any supplier / shop that sells similar items to you online no matter where they are located! The internet knows no boundaries. E-commerce represents an opportunity for you to boost your business, expand your customer base and steal a march on your competitors!

E-commerce... what should I do next? The easiest thing to do is to use our contact form to request a meeting to discuss your e-commerce options. We diagram below shows the main steps to getting your products and services for sale online:

E-commerce... the results! Switching to e-commerce puts your products and services in front of a global audience and allows you to take orders and receive payment 24 hours a day. It doesn't take much imagination to think what this could do for your business - however it is very important to make sure that you can handle an increase in orders so as not to disappoint your new e-customers.

E-commerce... why use Fresh Biz Marketing? There are a bucket load of web design companies out there and quite a few of them off e-commerce to their customers so why should you contact us rather than one of the others? There are three very good answers:

1) We have done it before and know what we're doing!

2) Our pricing is geared towards the smaller business so you may be pleasantly surprised by our prices.

3) Most importantly, search engines like our ecommerce sites and this sets us apart from the majority of other e-commerce solutions. The effect of this is that you can expect your site to get more traffic, and therefore more sales, using our e-commerce solution than if you went with a lesser e-commerce solution.


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